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Home Automation at the touch of a button. Connect your security system to all the key devices in your home such as lights, locks, thermostats, garage doors and much more. Simplify your life by using our continuously updated app. You can create simple automations such as having a porch light turned on from dusk to dawn. Or create complex automations through our adaptive learning system that will adjust lights, thermostats and almost anything you can think of based on your activity.

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Our Devices

Our Newest Devices

Light Switch
Z-wave Light Switch – Available in switch, dimmer or 3-way setup
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Lamp Module
Z-wave Lamp Module – Available in switch or dimmer
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Z-wave Thermostat – Works with almost any HVAC system
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Yale Lock
Z-wave Lock – Available in push button or touchscreen
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Lift Master
Z-wave Garage Door Controller – Works with almost all garage doors
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Z-wave Water Valve – Shut off your water with the touch of a button
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Interactive Service Capabilities

Our Interactive Services

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Residential Products

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  • Burglary & Fire

    Burglary & Fire

    Indiana Alarm offers 24/7/365 monitoring for all critical conditions such as Burglary, Fire, Temperature, Flood & Much more.

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  • Video Surveillance

    Video Surveillance

    Keep an eye on your residence from almost anywhere using your tablet, smart phone or computer. Help secure your home with our high quality video surveillance cameras.

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  • Medical Alert

    Medical Alert

    Medical Alert systems can alert us to any medical emergencies with a touch of a button. Have EMS dispatched for a quick medical response.

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